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Dataphyll is an industry leader in developing the most innovative, flexible, robust and useable software and technology solutions for the wider horticulture industry. We have products targeted at improving efficiency, traceability and data capture, and can customize a leading-edge solution for your business.

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Built by Horticulturists

Dataphyll is a company founded by orchardists and has a strong focus on delivering practical solutions.

Mobile Apps

Software that is as mobile as you are, no matter where you are.

The Cloud

Get notifications and manage your business from anywhere at any time and with any device.


Make your business more efficient and get rid of time consuming data entry and paperwork.


Our multiple levels of redundancy mean our systems working and so can you regardless of internet outages or device failures.


All of your data is backed up and secure and easily searchable at any time.


Generate many different types of reports from our system. Then download them, export them, or upload them into other applications.

5 Star Support

We know that horticulture never stops and you need support. We provide 24/7 support to keep your business running.

Integrated Solutions

Connect, export and share your data. We are here to provide solutions for your business, not get in the way.

Our Products

For Berry Growers

Incentivise workers by paying them based on their performance whilst capturing accurate quantity and quality information, and meeting your GAP requirements.

Dataphyll GROW©

Proof of delivery

Track your assets with RFID, GPS and a simple Android phone.


Dataphyll CARGO©