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Dataphyll is an industry leader in developing the most innovative, flexible, robust and useable software and technology solutions for the wider horticulture industry. We have products targeted at improving efficiency, traceability and data capture, and can customize a leading-edge solution for your business.

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Real-time System Stats

Across all Dataphyll GROW customers


of fruit weighed


trays packed


quality issues identified


performance reports sent

Quick & Accurate piece-rate harvesting

Easy to use

Quick process with automatic weight & location capture

Real-time Notifications

Supervisors able to improve staff performance instantly

Incentivise Productivity

through pay-per-pick and top picker competition

How it works

See it in action at one of our customer sites - Tarras Cherries.

Sign on

Each worker has a "worker tag". The supervisor scans it to sign workers on and then assigns the worker to a location and a number of tokens or crates.

Weigh product

Workers leave their full containers or crates to be collected by a "Runner" who weighs them on the field station (optional QC).

Additional timesheet capture

Supervisors clock workers on and off for breaks individually or as a group.

Grading fruit

Packhouse workers use the touchless grader to scan items and input QC information.

Real-time QC notifications

Supervisors are alerted about QC issues identified during packing so they can manage the harvest worker immediately.

Payroll and Performance

Orchardists can review performance and production in real-time, highlighting best performing workers, row-level yields and understanding reject rates.

HR & workforce management.

Eliminate orchard paperwork. Free-up your supervisors.

Digital timesheets

worker time & productivity data sent to payroll. Seamlessly.

Piece-rate harvest

Minimum wage threshold reports vs actual picks in real-time.

Harvest Management

Electronic piece-rate harvesting. Accurate to the gram.

Quick & Simple automated data capture.

Workers do not interact directly with the technology.

Total control

Enhance/Incentivise worker performance & control fruit quality issues.


Orchard productivity tools.

Management Dashboard with Live Data. Hassle-free.

Reporting analytics

Traceability, Production and personnel reports. At your fingertips.

Orchard tasks

Assigned and managed easily. From any device.

PayHero  +  Dataphyll

Eliminate orchard paperwork and pay employees right

  •  Incentivise workers by paying them based on performance
  •  Capture accurate quantity and quality information
  •  Track timesheets, breaks and pick weights
  •  Calculate compliant annual leave (in weeks) for variable hour staff
  •  Send payslips showing kgs picked, hours, paid breaks & tops ups
  •  Automatically submit payday filing to Inland Revenue
  •  Connect with Xero to assign wage costs to the general ledger and tracking categories
Find out more or try PayHero Payroll Software for free.

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