Harvest time make you feel stress, overwhelmed and exhausted?

Imagine a bucket of fruit that knows who picked it and the GPS location.

What would it be like to have the quality of your just-picked fruit measured in the packhouse and the results sent straight to the harvest team for quality control and training purposes?

What would that mean for your business? For your bottom line?

Picture this

What if, in less than a day, you and your business could enjoy:

  • An optimised harvest with hands-on quality control.
  • More free time and fewer long hours burning the midnight oil.
  • A massive reduction in the challenges posed by compliance.
  • Understanding who your top performers are (often not who you think they are). Manage and reward them accordingly.
  • Retention of good quality staff because you know who the good ones are—incentivise them and pay them on performance.
  • Seamless integration with your software, including Xero and PayHero.
  • An end to squabbles and disputes over who picked what and the inevitable payment arguments that follow.
  • Sending payslips showing kgs picked (down to the last gram), hours, paid breaks and top-ups.
  • The ability to assign and manage easily from any device.
  • Piece-rate harvest—minimum wage threshold reports versus actual picks in real-time.
  • Ease of use with real-time notifications and a noticeable pick-up in productivity.
  • Better efficiency, traceability and data capture customised for your business.

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The problem

New Zealand horticulturists are trying to do business in an age of damaging labour shortages, higher costs and more wastage from unskilled staff. Then there’s the added pain of escalating wages which seem to go to new and dizzying heights with unnatural speed.

The country is losing productive soil, forcing growers to do more with less. 2021 was New Zealand’s hottest year on record, and 2023 could well go the same way. More heat and an increase in drought conditions.

Your unfair advantage

A grower needs every advantage possible to stay ahead, to stay profitable and to manage costs. Dataphyll leads the Australasian horticulture tech space in developing innovative, robust and useable software and technology solutions to give you an unfair—to competitors—advantage.

Simple and easy to use, Dataphyll integrates with your existing solutions and can be run from your phone, allowing you to review production in real-time, highlight best performing workers and reduce your paperwork and manual handling of data.

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There’s more. Orchard mapping from long-term data collection that enables you to determine harvest volumes, ease control of fruit flow to the packhouse and identify non-performing areas of your orchard.

Want to know more? Call Christoph on 0274 458 095 or email hello@dataphyll.co.nz

"At a time when pickers are in short supply, investing in smart technologies is a way to attract and retain quality workers. We want to lead the charge as an innovative and progressive operation throughout the supply chain. Pickers know in real-time how much they have picked and how much they will earn."
Orchard and project manager Ross Kirk, Tarras Cherry Corp

Dataphyll’s Guide to Incentivising Your Seasonal Workforce

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