Cherry Orchard Software New Zealand

Bigger harvest, better quality fruit with fewer resources.

Manage your harvest, incentivise workers, track work time, and measure profitability.


Discover the Best Cherry Orchard Software with Dataphyll Grow

Dataphyll Grow is the cherry orchard software solution you need to streamline tasks, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

As the orchard industry shifts towards zero fossil fuel farming, this specialised cherry orchard software solution provides a sustainable solution that uses cutting-edge electric technology to optimise orchard operations.

If you’re looking to enhance your orchard management practices and grow your business while reducing your carbon footprint, Dataphyll Grow could be the solution you’re seeking.


  • Harvest Management
    Electronic piece-rate harvesting. Accurate to the gram.
  • Quick and Simple automated data capture
    Workers do not need to interact directly with the technology.
  • Total control
    Enhance/Incentivise worker performance & control fruit quality issues.


  • Orchard Productivity Tools
    Management Dashboard with Live Data. Hassle-free.
  • Reporting analytics
    Traceability, production, and personnel reports. At your fingertips.
  • Orchard tasks
    Assigned and managed easily. From any device.


  • Integrates with PayHero and Agrismart
    Eliminate orchard paperwork and pay employees correctly.
  • Incentivise workers
    Pay on performance, capture quality information.
  • Track timesheets, breaks and pick weights
    Send payslips showing kgs picked, hours, paid breaks, and top-ups.

Why Business Owners Trust Our Cherry Orchard Software

Dataphyll Grow is the ultimate cherry orchard software solution designed to help you manage your teams, boost efficiency, and improve quality. Developed by experts in the industry, these valuable tools provide essential features for orchard management, including an electric tractor and picker performance monitoring via high-definition video.

Real-time System Stats across all Dataphyll GROW customers

7,435 tonnes
Fruit Weighed
5 million
Trays Packed
Quality Issues Identified
Performance Reports Sent
"At a time when pickers are in short supply, investing in smart technologies is a way to attract and retain quality workers. We want to lead the charge as an innovative and progressive operation throughout the supply chain. Pickers know in real-time how much they have picked and how much they will earn."
Orchard and project manager Ross Kirk, Tarras Cherry Corp

Dataphyll’s Guide to Incentivising Your Seasonal Workforce

Looking for ways to incentivise the productivity of your seasonal workforce while managing costs better?

Dataphyll’s guide to Incentivising Your Seasonal Workforce looks to emerging challenges and is full of good ideas for creating a productive team that returns year after year.

Simply share a few details to download your guide free, no obligations.


Discover the Benefits of Adopting Cherry Orchard Software

With Dataphyll Grow, it’s now possible to streamline your cherry orchard operations and improve productivity. Here’s how you can enhance the quality of your cherry crop:

  • Boost Efficiency: Our cherry orchard software streamlines operations, allocates resources efficiently, and tracks progress, helping you reduce labour costs and incentivise workers to perform their best. With the implementation of a solar and battery system, you can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, and ultimately reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Improve Quality: Dataphyll Grow provides accurate measurement of yields and actionable insights to help maintain cherry quality standards, ensuring you produce quality fruit. 
  • Better Data Collection: Our cherry orchard software enables you to collect data efficiently and accurately, providing reliable information to make informed decisions about your operations. With bin tickets, you can easily track cherry harvest and even receive a cent premium for your first cherries of the season.
  • Enhanced Support: We offer dedicated support to maximise your cherry orchard software investment's potential, including technical advice on pruning and disease management.

How Our Agricultural Software is Different

Managing a cherry orchard can be a challenging task, but with Dataphyll Grow, you can challenge conventional approaches and revolutionise your orchard management practices. 

By employing effective orchard management practices, including soil testing and pest control, growers can enhance fruit quality and yield, resulting in a bountiful cherry crop, kiwifruit, strawberries, blueberries or anything in between..

Our cherry orchard software is optimised for real-world scenarios and offers the essential features you need to manage your orchard effectively. 

From boosting efficiency to improving quality, collecting data efficiently, and receiving enhanced support, Dataphyll Grow is the ultimate cherry orchard management solution.

Why Dataphyll Supports the Future of Cherry Farming

The cherry industry is expected to grow at a steady pace, driven by the increasing popularity of cherries as a superfood. 

Precision agriculture technologies like cherry orchard software are also gaining traction..

In addition, there is a growing trend towards fossil fuel-free farming, with the use of electric farming equipment on the rise. 

Climate change is also becoming a pressing issue for the industry, with precision agriculture technologies being utilised to help farmers adapt to the challenges and improve their resilience.

Don't be left behind in the transition towards zero fossil fuel farming. Invest in Dataphyll Grow's cherry orchard software solution and take the first step towards a sustainable future.