Eliminate orchard paperwork and pay employees right.

Take the headache out of harvest time payroll.

Dataphyll integrates with your software and systems.

The All Blacks are stronger as a team than they are as individuals – no surprises there. Teams that are united by a common goal are even stronger… technology solutions like Dataphyll are no different.

The best tech solutions play team – we call it integration – with other types of software you use in your business. By working well together towards a common objective, they make your business even stronger.


Dataphyll + Tarras + Horthub

Dataphyll recently integrated with Tarras Cherry Corp’s existing orchard and people management solution, known internally as Horthub, which captures hours worked, combines the productivity data captured by Dataphyll and calculates transactions required for payroll.

Phase 2 of the project saw Dataphyll integrate with upstream packhouse software provider, Radfords. Passing on timely/pertinent/vital harvest data for packing and export.

Dataphyll also integrates seamlessly with PayHero and Agrismart, which allows you to send full timesheet data for both hours worked (start, end and break times) and picking rates into PayHero, taking care of wage and leave calculations, payslips, accommodation allowances and payday filing.

  • Incentivise workers by paying them based on performance
  • Capture accurate quantity and quality information
  • Track timesheets, breaks and pick weights
  • Calculate compliant annual leave (in weeks) for variable hour staff
  • Send payslips showing kgs picked, hours, paid breaks and top-ups
  • Automatically submit payday filing to Inland Revenue
  • Connect with Agrismart to assign wage costs to the general ledger and tracking categories
Connect with Radfords to track your fruit through the supply chain

Dataphyll’s Guide to Incentivising Your Seasonal Workforce

Looking for ways to incentivise the productivity of your seasonal workforce while managing costs better?

Dataphyll’s guide to Incentivising Your Seasonal Workforce looks to emerging challenges and is full of good ideas for creating a productive team that returns year after year.

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