Harvest Management App New Zealand

Bigger harvest, better quality fruit with fewer resources.

Manage your harvest, incentivise workers, track work time, and measure profitability.


Harvest Farm Management Technology designed by growers.

Dataphyll’s Harvest Farm Management Software can help you achieve quality, productivity, and time gains during harvest.

Dataphyll uses sensor and mobile technology to collect, store, analyse and report on orchard data, making harvesting easy, quick and accurate.

The harvest tracker software is developed in New Zealand by local growers who understand the challenges of managing an orchard during harvest.

With real-time metrics, you can motivate pickers and improve your return on investment.


  • Harvest Management
    Electronic piece-rate harvesting. Accurate to the gram.
  • Quick and Simple automated data capture
    Workers do not need to interact directly with the technology.
  • Total control
    Enhance/Incentivise worker performance & control fruit quality issues.


  • Orchard Productivity Tools
    Management Dashboard with Live Data. Hassle-free.
  • Reporting analytics
    Traceability, production, and personnel reports. At your fingertips.
  • Orchard tasks
    Assigned and managed easily. From any device.


  • Integrates with PayHero and Agrismart
    Eliminate orchard paperwork and pay employees correctly.
  • Incentivise workers
    Pay on performance, capture quality information.
  • Track timesheets, breaks and pick weights
    Send payslips showing kgs picked, hours, paid breaks, and top-ups.

Discover Our Seamless Harvest Time Software.

When pickers arrive on-site, they sign on using an individual tag. The supervisor scans the sensor to clock in the picker, and the worker is assigned to a location and number of tokens or crates.

Workers weigh their product in the field and leave their full containers or crates to be collected by a ‘runner’.

The ‘runner’ weighs the containers or crates at the field station (or optional HQ) and supervisors clock workers on and off for breaks individually or as a group.

Packhouse workers use the touchless grader to scan items and input QC information, and supervisors are alerted about QC issues identified during packing so they can manage the harvest worker immediately.

Real-time System Stats across all Dataphyll GROW customers

7,435 tonnes
Fruit Weighed
5 million
Trays Packed
Quality Issues Identified
Performance Reports Sent
"At a time when pickers are in short supply, investing in smart technologies is a way to attract and retain quality workers. We want to lead the charge as an innovative and progressive operation throughout the supply chain. Pickers know in real-time how much they have picked and how much they will earn."
Orchard and project manager Ross Kirk, Tarras Cherry Corp

Dataphyll’s Guide to Incentivising Your Seasonal Workforce

Looking for ways to incentivise the productivity of your seasonal workforce while managing costs better?

Dataphyll’s guide to Incentivising Your Seasonal Workforce looks to emerging challenges and is full of good ideas for creating a productive team that returns year after year.

Simply share a few details to download your guide free, no obligations.


Discover the Benefits of our Game Changing App

Dataphyll's Harvest Farm Management Software can help you reduce wastage, lower costs, avoid disputes over quantities picked, and provide fair, performance-based pay to retain your good quality staff. 

With real-time performance and production data, you can highlight the best-performing workers and row-level yields and understand reject rates. 

This fruit picking management software allows you to weigh fruit yield in real-time and get instant quality feedback before or during grading, without losing any traceability data specific to the items picked, , whether thats cherries, strawberries, apples or anything in between.

At a time when pickers are in short supply, investing in smart technologies is a way to attract and retain quality workers. 

With Dataphyll's Harvest Farm Management Software, pickers know in real-time how much they have picked and how much they will earn. 

Dataphyll's Guide to Incentivising Your Seasonal Workforce is full of good ideas for creating a productive team that returns year after year. Download the guide for free now.

What is harvest farm management software used for?

Harvest time software is used for time tracking, expense management, and project management. 

It is designed to help businesses track time regularly and accurately, turn tracked time and expenses into client invoices, and monitor project progress.

How much does harvest software cost?

The cost of Harvest time software varies depending on the plan your requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss.

What are the benefits of the harvest management app?

The benefits and key features of harvest tracker software are numerous. Our leading harvest management system enables users to track time, manage expenses, and monitor project progress from a single platform. 

The harvest app integrates with the tools your team knows and loves and is user-friendly, making it easy to adopt. 

We make it easy to approve timesheets and assign tasks. The system sends automated reminders to help your team track time regularly and accurately. 

Dataphyll’s intuitive harvest scheduling software helps businesses capture time the way they want to. 

This time and expense management software is powerful enough to help businesses monitor team capacity and costs, enabling them to make informed decisions about how to allocate resources.

How can I tell if this software is right for me?

To tell if Dataphyll’s fruit pick management software is right for you, let's discuss your business needs.

 If you need a time tracking tool that is easy to use and integrates with the other tools your team uses, then this is a great option. 

When the success of your next harvest demands you to monitor project progress, capture expenses, and bill clients quickly, Dataphyll and our harvest app could be a perfect solution.