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Roper & Son Limited Case Study
Roper & Son Limited Case StudyWith Brendan HerriesAbout Roper & Son Limited Roper & Son Limited is a comprehensive produce business specialising in growing, harvesting, and packing vegetables, as well as peeling red onions for supermarkets nationwide. In addition, they pack for other growers, handling multiple products like onions, pumpkin, squash, and beetroot. With around 20 [...]
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T&G Kerikeri Case Study
T&G Kerikeri Case StudyWith Grower Damian Duggan-Jones1. Tell me a bit about your business. Well, I’ve always been in the horticulture industry and five years ago I moved up here to start growing for T&G, which is an iconic Kiwi company that both grows fresh produce and partners with other [...]
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Bay Blueberries Case Study
Bay Blueberries Case StudyWith CEO Marian Hirst1. Tell us a bit about your business. We are a boutique blueberry business, dealing locally, but also in domestic and export. We are a family business that has grown ‘organically’—with our people and our values. In spite of our growth, we are still a family business. We [...]
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Miro Berries Case Study
Miro Berries Case Studywith CEO Liz Te Amo1. Tell me a bit about your business. We are for the advancement of Māori land development, a grower collective, that has bought into a vision of self-determination through high-value horticulture, the lifting of productivity over Māori land, and the creation of jobs for our people. [...]
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"At a time when pickers are in short supply, investing in smart technologies is a way to attract and retain quality workers. We want to lead the charge as an innovative and progressive operation throughout the supply chain. Pickers know in real-time how much they have picked and how much they will earn."
Orchard and project manager Ross Kirk, Tarras Cherry Corp

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