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The Minimum Wage Increase Does Not Bode Well for Hort
As a New Zealand orchard management company, we are aware that the recent announcement of the minimum wage increase has caused some concerns for the horticultural industry we serve.
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NZ Herald
Hopes new tech will attract top cherry pickers to Central Otago
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Dataphyll GROW© featured during Episode 3
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Westpac Award
Northland Inc Innovation Award (Business Excellence Awards)
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"At a time when pickers are in short supply, investing in smart technologies is a way to attract and retain quality workers. We want to lead the charge as an innovative and progressive operation throughout the supply chain. Pickers know in real-time how much they have picked and how much they will earn."
Orchard and project manager Ross Kirk, Tarras Cherry Corp

Dataphyll’s Guide to Incentivising Your Seasonal Workforce

Looking for ways to incentivise the productivity of your seasonal workforce while managing costs better?

Dataphyll’s guide to Incentivising Your Seasonal Workforce looks to emerging challenges and is full of good ideas for creating a productive team that returns year after year.

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